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[IP] Re: A new pumper

<And, she may be very lucky to have just inherited some good genes which has 
helped her to avoid serious complications.  I think it's a disservice to a 
lot of long term Type 1s to just make it sound like all they have to do is 
follow what their doctor says and they will live a long life complication 
free.  It's not that simple.  Some people struggle and try to do everything 
right and have all the complications there are, while others who pay little 
attention, end up complication free.  Most of us end up somewhere in 
between.  My 2 cents worth.>


 I agree that a lot depends on your genes (if not most), but I myself appreciate
 like this because it gives me hope, especially on days when I feel hopeless.
When I was
 diagnosed almost a year ago, I thought I was given a death sentence. I've since
 I wasn't, and I find it very inspiring to know of people who have lived so
long, and complication-
 free with this disease. I think some days that's all that gets us through -
hope. I don't hold
 out much hope for a cure, but I hope I'll live a long time with good quality of

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