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[IP] RE: Rashes was humalog

Have you thought it may be a fungal infection?  Based on your description 
and my own experience, it may be possible.  I developed a weird rash 
behind my ears and the back of my neck before I was diagnosed. At 
 first I thought it was an allergic reaction to a new pillow I bought. I though
they were hives - little red bumps that itched like crazy.  My chiropractor, 
of all people, said it looked like a fungal infection and told my to try 
anti-fungal cream/lotion. Prior to this, I had tried all manner of topical 
anti-itch/antihistamine creams, and nothing worked. The minute I tried the 
 anti-fungal cream I had instant relief and it cleared right up. But I couldn't
figure out what caused the infection in the first place, until a couple of 
months later when I found out I was diabetic and was walking around with 
high blood sugars which is a major attraction to fungus.  It all made sense 
after that.

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