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RE: [IP] aqua areobics

Still not a pumper yet so take the advice for what it is worth......

try calling your pump Co. or checking the website....I imagine that they can
tell you how much water the unit can handle...

Good luck with the H2O areobics!  I am a lifeguard and swim instructor and
am a big fan of any aquatic activity!  the wonderful part about the H2O
class is that you can tailor your workout to your level really easy!...just
remember that the deeper you go the easier the workout...shallow is more

Good luck!


PS: if you are thining about changinf pumps they are telling me the cozmo is
WATERPROOF for swimming and can even go to like 10-12 feet for a while
too....not quite enough for SCUBA but still a great feature...(please,
someone  correct me on the waterproof features...I'm too lazy to look it

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> once in a while, I was wondering, what do I do with my pump? I use the
> animusR1000, can I stay connected? It's supposed to be water
> resistant I do
> believe.
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