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[IP] Re: Quicksets - inserter

 My pump trainer said the inserters made it 100% easier to insert the sites and
 would have to agree. Of course, it may make a huge difference depending on
 set you're using. I've seen on the list where people using Sils prefer NOT to
use the
 Serter so they can control the angle and depth, etc., which I can understand.
 using the QuickSets, I can't imagine that not using the Serter would be better.
 There's only one angle and depth to begin with, and it pops it right in before
you even
 have time to think about hesitating. I would no sooner want to give up my
 on my Quick Serter than I would my lancing device. To me that is so much easier
 than manually jabbing myself. If I had to insert a QuickSet by hand, to me it
would be
 the equivalent of taking a shot, but with a larger gauge needle vs. an insulin
 Obviously, if I had to insert one by hand, I'm sure I would rise to the
occasion just
 as I had to when I first started taking shots, but given the alternative, I'll
take the
 easy way. And it definitely helps when inserting into my butt where I can't see
 I'm doing and manual dexterity is at a minimum. Just my opinion, but it's well
 the price and the extra thing to carry. In fact, I think I'll order another one
for a back-up.

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