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[IP] RE: gastroparesis

This sounds like a mismatch on the bolus timing or not enough bolus. 
Normally, it takes about 2 hours for the food to be digested and absorbed 
into the blood. If the amount of insulin bolus is a "match," and the pre-meal 
bolus timing is correct, then the BG would reach its highest point 
approximately 2 hours after eating. Fat and fiber could slow down this 
process.  Usually, with gastroparesis, the BG would go low before the food is 
absorbed into the blood, and then high later, because the insulin action is 

Perhaps, this *particular* meal needed a dual wave (split bolus) or an 
extended/square wave bolus.  Keep some records for various meals to see how 
the pre-post meal BGs are trending with your current bolus ratio.  This info 
is thrown off if the pre-meal BG is high, and if the basal delivery rate are 
not correct.  

Then, again, it could be the phase of the moon, time of the month, or Barb 
Chafe's evil pump fairy.  Do you have a diagnosed gastroparesis condition?


>I felt my supper just sitting there all night. BS still 250 upon rising. 
Stomach felt ok soon after and BS 100 by 8:30 AM. I've read on IP that 
gastroparisis (?) may lead to higher numbers because the food doesn't digest. 
Makes no sense to me. Was something else probably going on?<
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