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In a message dated 1/31/03 11:02:46 AM Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> 1.  I know "your mileage may vary" but I'm
> interested in helpful suggestions.  Did you need to decrease your basal
> during the night?  Also, what food/sugar do you like to pack in your ski
> parka's pockets?  I'm trying to sort this out with excursions to local ski
> resorts but your ideas and experience would be appreciated.  Thanks!  Betty
I think skiing is about like bicycling, I ride for 2 hours, 3 or 4 time per 
week, I do 
not lower my basil, but do eat 1/2 gram of carb for a minute, I use the 
timer, Fig 
Newton's have 11 grams each, Walmart has Pria Power Bars 16g carb. today I 
2 hours & 8 minutes, eat 1 Pria, 4 Fig Newtons, check before lunch BG 85, I 
kept records for years, this works for me, if I ride 3 or 4 hours same 
amounts still
work OK. One need to record their grams & BG for a while to see what works, 
ac1l stays 6.4 to 6.7 have had diabetes 53 yrs.
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