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Re: [IP] Lack of pump - glucose sensor link

Something I've wondered is whether even faster insulin analogs
are being developed (superlog???)  If there was an analog that
had super-fast action (say 1hr instead of 3.5hrs) could it be used
in a closed-loop system with a sub-cu infusion pump?  I assume
that a closed-loop system could reach the market more quickly if
it used a modified sub-cu pump, instead of an implanted pump?


>The insulin also needs to be
>delivered in a manner other then subcutaneously. It has to get into
>the blood stream quickly to allow the loop to be closed effiently (or
>at all for that matter). I suppose that there might be a way to do it
>with a sub-cu infusion set, but it would certainly be tricky if there
>was a set failure or the pump was empty/disconnected. Once insulin is
>automagically administered, the feedback mechanism must wait to see
>if there is the expected action. With sub-cu administration this
>takes a LONG time, even with insulin analogs. If the insulin is
>administered directly into the blood stream or the peritonial cavity,
>then results are visible in a few minutes -- that's more realistic
>for a working closed loop system.

>Yes, the flaw is that you're looking at using the closed loop with the same
>delivery system currently in place for insulin pumps.  All the companies
>working on the closed loop system realize that it would not work very well
>with this delivery system.

Is it possible that 

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