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Re: [IP] was problems with humalog, now rashes...

Depends on the type of rash.  I have chronic problems with exema, or at
least what my dermatologist calls exema.  I especially have problems in the
winter when my skin gets much drier and I am wearing more layers to keep
warm.  My bad spots are on my back where my bra rests against the skin,
along my underwear line where that touches the skin, my armpits, my wrists,
and hands.  I was told to use hydrocortisone cream but I didn't find that
worked much for me.  I have had better luck slathering myself in lotion.  As
for me, I am allergic to a lot of dyes and scents so my detergent, fabric
softener, soap, and lotion are all hypoalergenic, dye free, and unscented.
So I know that isn't causing it.   Are you finding that the antibiotics are
doing anything for you?  Is your rash more like hives?

Good luck!
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