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[IP] Re: skiing and diabetes

Hi Betty,
     We live in BC and ski regularly at Big White--really nice and much lower 
cost than Whistler!  This morning's ski report--11 cm fresh powder, 180 cm 
alpine base, light winds and temperature of only -3 degrees Celsius.  
     My daughter age 8 has DM, so always skis with me or her Dad.  We use the 
Ultra One Touch and have never had a problem with the temperature.  I think 
it is the meter with the greatest temperature range.  I put the meter and 
strips into my ski pants pocket which lies over my tummy/hip area, thus my 
jacket also covers this area.  I put the poker into my jacket pocket and 
leave the case in the car.  The mini-juice boxes (4 oz size) fit well into my 
jacket pocket and I also have Fruit to Gos (flat fruit leather made in our 
city) and granola bars for Claire.  My hips do not leave much room for 
anything else, but my hubby can fit other food into his pockets. Oh yes, I 
always have dextrose tabs as well.  
     Claire never needs a reduced basal for skiing.  She can often go high 
when skiing, I think it is the adrenalin rush from going down those steep 
slopes.  The CDE in our town, where almost everyone skis, says that this is 
common.  YMMV of course.  That being said, I do worry that she may go low and 
get confused in the snow, and that is why I try to always have her in sight.  
Always ski with a buddy on those big mountains.  Living where we do we hear 
about all the snow related deaths.
     Have a great holiday!

Barbara (who has been sick for 4 weeks and unable to see the snow), Mum of 
Claire 8 
> 'm going on a skiing vacation in March to Whistler Mountain in B.C.,
> Canada.  I need some tips regarding skiing and managing the diabetes.  For
> anyone who does winter sports, can you recommend a glucose monitor?  My
> Ultra One Touch conks out when too cold (takes awhile to warm it up to get
> it to work) and I'd like one that is easier to use as I can just see me
> dropping everything to test, if I'm outside.  How much do you find you need
> to reduce your basal when facing four hours of skiing? .... ...Also, what 
> food/sugar do you like to pack in your ski
> parka's pockets?  
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