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[IP] Anyone had a problem with humalog not working

During the summer, the humalog seems not to work as well. So I don't fill my
reservoir with as much insulin and change it more frequently. I think the heat
is making the insulin go bad - these are 90 degree days with 100% humidity. I
don't know if it is the site or the insulin but just know something isn't
right. I have been on humalog in the pump for four years and have not had any
problems other than summer heat problems. I was told not to do Novalog because
it was too much like regular insulin. The half life's of regular played major
low blood sugar trips on me.
Has anybody had problems with skin rashes? My rashes are in the arm pits and
back? The doc doesn't think it is insulin related or even from the laundry
detergent or anything. I am being treated with the second round of antibiotics
now because it is quite persistent - The doc thinks it is viral. Sharon B.
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