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[IP] Re: Anyone have Humalog stop working for them? (tad long <g>)

 barb, i feel your pain-- i am going through the same thing right now. i'd have
to say the most
 likely suspect is hormones. they might not even have anything to do with her
cycle, although
 that's usually what does it for me. if she's been through anything stressful
(tests at school,
 problems with friends/family), even if it doesn't seem that bad it can still
drive sugars up for
 prolonged periods of time. it usually happens to me around midterm and final
exam time-- for the
 whole ten days or so i just can't get under 200 no metter how hard i try. and
sometimes, hormones
 just do strange things for no reason whatsoever; i'm currently in the midst of
a 5-day battle to
 get under 180-- i'm never higher than 240 or so, so the insulin is clearly sort
of working, but
 i've upped the basals from 24.8 units a day total to 34.6 and it's not making a
significant dent.
 i too am working with a new bottle, have checked and changed the set, have
injected, and am still
 hovering around 200 (10.1) all the time. i'm not sick, and not even terribly
stressed! it's
 frustrating, but i think it's a cycle/PMS thing so all i can do is wait. glad
to hear your problem
has resolved, at any rate.

good luck!

becky =) (dx'd 1/24/92 at age 10, pumping since 11/21/01)

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