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Re: [IP] gastroparisis

 I have the same reaction as you. After supper 2-4 hrs my Bs is up at say 250.
If I eat lots of fat the Bs says high 250 to 8 a.m.
 When I firsr joined the list there were two pelple who commented on my spelling
never on all insightsinto what I said.
Be happy
Subject: [IP] gastroparisis

> Quick question for the experts.:) Last night my supper just sat in my
> stomach. I didn't eat again after supper, and it was only a small serving of
> whole-wheat spaghetti, sauce, and chicken. BS was 270 2 hours after supper
> so took a correction bolus. Checked 2 hours later before bed, it hadn't
> moved so took another conservative correction bolus. I felt my supper just
> sitting there all night. BS still 250 upon rising. Stomach felt ok soon
> after and BS 100 by 8:30 AM. I've read on IP that gastroparisis (?) may lead
> to higher numbers because the food doesn't digest. Makes no sense to me. Was
> something else probably going on?
> Thanks everyone. Thanks for the laughs lately too. I really cracked up
> reading the pontoon line! My spell checker will change bolus into blouse and
> basal into basil and I can't figure out how to add them to my dictionary!
> Susan the computer illiterate!
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