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[IP] Re: Re: Diabetes in Control-Testing our non D children for antibodies

> <<After learning the connection between the antibodies test and diabetes, I
> thought about having my non-diabetic children tested but I was afraid if it
> came back positive it could at some point cause them to be rejected for
> insurance. Is that possible?>>

I was advised by a doctor against having my children tested for this very 
reason.  I think it is good advice, given that at the current time the 
prevention trials have had very disappointing results.  Also in some 
countries you can be refused a job based on previous health problems--in the 
future this might include possible future health problems.  Not all places 
have the protections that the USA provides, and you never know what your 
children might want to do in the future or where they may want to live.  

Barbara, Mum of Claire 8 
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