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Re: [IP] Lack of pump - glucose sensor link

>There is no feedback loop that can predict when I'm going to eat and how 
>many carbs and fats I'm going to eat. Work on closing the loop between the 
>pump and glucose level measurements is a folly. I know there is a European 
>consortium working on this and probably many American companies are 
>working on this too. It's money that should be spent elsewhere, like 
>finding a cure with transplants or even an artificial pancreas.
>Is there a flaw in my thinking?
>Tim Murphy

Yes, the flaw is that you're looking at using the closed loop with the same 
delivery system currently in place for insulin pumps.  All the companies 
working on the closed loop system realize that it would not work very well 
with this delivery system.  Disetronic has been already working on a 
totally different delivery system that would be faster and more consistent 
than the subcutaneous system currently used.

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