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[IP] gastroparisis

Quick question for the experts.:) Last night my supper just sat in my
stomach. I didn't eat again after supper, and it was only a small serving of
whole-wheat spaghetti, sauce, and chicken. BS was 270 2 hours after supper
so took a correction bolus. Checked 2 hours later before bed, it hadn't
moved so took another conservative correction bolus. I felt my supper just
sitting there all night. BS still 250 upon rising. Stomach felt ok soon
after and BS 100 by 8:30 AM. I've read on IP that gastroparisis (?) may lead
to higher numbers because the food doesn't digest. Makes no sense to me. Was
something else probably going on?
Thanks everyone. Thanks for the laughs lately too. I really cracked up
reading the pontoon line! My spell checker will change bolus into blouse and
basal into basil and I can't figure out how to add them to my dictionary!
Susan the computer illiterate!
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