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Re: [IP] Anyone have Humalog stop working for them?

Since the Humalog did eventually bring things down, it may not have 
been that Humalog stopped working.  There are several other 

Menstruating is possible...but there is also the possibility of some 
kind of illness in her system (perhaps asymptomatic) that triggered the 
highs.  You said that 85% increase in basals was doing nothing...but 
that might not be the case.  85% increase might have been necessary 
just to keep the BG from going higher.  If you had NOT increased the 
basals, the BG levels may have continued to rise even more. 

When I get sick, my insulin requirements SHOOT way up...in some cases 
requiring twice as much insulin as usual.  I've had a cold for the past 
few weeks, and I had to increase my basal rates just for that.

I would think a "bad batch" of insulin is unlikely, but possible.  I 
know in my 20 years of diabetes, I've never ONCE experienced a "bad 
batch" of insulin except for when I used a bottle that was too old 
(longer than 28 days or so) that was at room temperature.  

It may be a combination of things...such as menstruating PLUS having 
some kind of illness that triggers the hormones to raise BG levels a 
lot more than usual.

Just some thoughts.

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