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Re: [IP] Poof - There it was..gone! (Formerly possible Humalog rejection)

Good Job Mom...now try and get some rest!


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Subject: [IP] Poof - There it was..gone! (Formerly possible Humalog

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> Good morning:)
> Phew, we made it through the night. Erica slept beside our bed all night
> it is a good thing she did.
> Erica, whose sugars were out of control for 2 days, was poked to death
> the night.  We  finally saw sugars start to drop quickly by 2am.  The 85%
> higher temp basal was reduced by a lot, then stopped, and she was fed 5gms
> carb every few hours since then to counteract the increased insulin in her
> system but her glucose value is now staying between 4.5 and 5.5mmol......
> Yep, whatever it was, up and left. POOF!
> Two days of chasing wild sugars, trace to moderate ketones at times, no
> of illness, increased basal rates +85%, new insulins (out of other
> pump tests, injection via syringe, multiple site changes and finally in
> middle of the night everything changed.  Sugars started dropping and have
> staying between 4.5 & 5.5 mmol.
> Was it menstruation causing it?  She has never had this problem before
(she is
> 14 and has been menstruating for 2 years) but if this happens again next
> we will have the answer to our riddle.  As a rule her sugar has been low
> to starting her period.  We ruled out the pump, the infusion sites, the
> insulin, everything.......
> Right now I am chalking this up a a *black Hole* and an evil pump fairy.
> Once her sugars remain stable, we are going to switch her to Novo Rapid.
> is home all day, plus the weekend is coming so this is a good time to make
> switch.
> Thanks for the support folks, and allowing me to vent.
> Barb :)
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