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Re: [IP] MM Quickserter

>I just received my new pump in the mail, and a 3 month supply of Quicksets 
>to use with it. Here's the problem, they didn't send a Quickserter with 
>it. Is this something I need to order separately? Any idea how much they 
>cost? I know they can be inserted manually, but I think I'd rather have 
>the serter if possible. Some additional information the pump is a Deltec 
>Cozmo, I'm going to use the Quicksets with the luer lock, and I ordered it 
>through a distributor of Deltec. So would I call the distributor, or MM? 
>Any suggestions welcome.

I have a Disetronic pump and use the Quicksets.  I order my sets directly 
from MiniMed and with my first order they sent me the inserter.  Since it 
was either billed to my insurance and they paid or there was no charge for 
it, I have no idea what they cost since I never got a bill for it.   Will 
you continue getting your supplies from this supplier?  If so, then I would 
call them first and ask about it.

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