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Re: [IP] Anyone have Humalog stop working for them?

>Glucose on its way up again, time for another bolus methinks.........the 
>damn Evil Pump Fairy has parked her winged little @ss on Erica's shoulder. 
>Off to try to get some sleep :) ...zzzzz.....zzzzz....zzzz 'nite
>Barb Chafe - Chair Insulin Pumpers Canada - Nova Scotia Division
>Mom to Erica, a Canadian Butterfly

Barb, have you tried injecting the Humalog?  That might give some insight 
as to whether it's an infusion set or site issue.  If you inject the 
correction rather than bolusing it, and it works quicker and better, that 
might help to pinpoint what's going on here.  Just a suggestion.

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