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Re: [IP] Anyone have Humalog stop working for them?

"Barb and Duck" <email @ redacted> wrote:

>I was wondering what type of experiences people have had with Novolog 
>(Novorapid) once they have made the switch from Humalog, and why they made 
>the switch. From what I have read and heard, many people experience a drop 
>in insulin requirments and we are prepared to factor that into things 
>tomorrow; but what I am really wondering is: HAS ANYONE HAD HUMALOG FAIL 
>THEM BUT HAD SUCCESS WITH THE NOVOLOG? I am not shouting, I am desperate :)

I had the exact opposite result with Novolog.  I tried it, just to see if 
it would be better for me, but it was much worse than Humalog.  My bgs were 
very unstable with it, and they ran much higher.  And, my site became red 
and irritated on the 3rd day.  So, I switched back to Humalog, which is 
working best for me.   Perhaps there are some other issues happening with 
Erica.  Hormones are usually very deadly for control (as most women know) 
and perhaps she's going through a growth spurt which can make bgs worse and 
unpredictable.  And, while in the past, she's had much different results 
from things in life, she could be changing now as she gets older just as 
you've seen when she was able to discontinue mixing the insulins to get 
longer site life.  Have you talked with her doctor?  You can try the 
Novolog and see if it helps at this time.  Guess you won't know until 
you've tried.  Good luck and let us know how it works out.  Ain't diabetes 
grand?  NOT!

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