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[IP] Poof - There it was..gone! (Formerly possible Humalog rejection)

Good morning:)

Phew, we made it through the night. Erica slept beside our bed all night and
it is a good thing she did.

Erica, whose sugars were out of control for 2 days, was poked to death through
the night.  We  finally saw sugars start to drop quickly by 2am.  The 85%
higher temp basal was reduced by a lot, then stopped, and she was fed 5gms of
carb every few hours since then to counteract the increased insulin in her
system but her glucose value is now staying between 4.5 and 5.5mmol......

Yep, whatever it was, up and left. POOF!

Two days of chasing wild sugars, trace to moderate ketones at times, no sign
of illness, increased basal rates +85%, new insulins (out of other batches),
pump tests, injection via syringe, multiple site changes and finally in the
middle of the night everything changed.  Sugars started dropping and have been
staying between 4.5 & 5.5 mmol.

Was it menstruation causing it?  She has never had this problem before (she is
14 and has been menstruating for 2 years) but if this happens again next month
we will have the answer to our riddle.  As a rule her sugar has been low prior
to starting her period.  We ruled out the pump, the infusion sites, the
insulin, everything.......
Right now I am chalking this up a a *black Hole* and an evil pump fairy.

Once her sugars remain stable, we are going to switch her to Novo Rapid.  She
is home all day, plus the weekend is coming so this is a good time to make the

Thanks for the support folks, and allowing me to vent.

Barb :)
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