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[IP] RE: MM Quickserter

<I just received my new pump in the mail, and a 3 month supply of Quicksets 
 to use with it. Here's the problem, they didn't send a Quickserter with it. Is
this something I need to order separately?  Any idea how much they cost?  
I know they can be inserted manually, but I think I'd rather have the 
serter if possible.  Some additional information the pump is a Deltec Cozmo, 
I'm going to use the Quicksets with the luer lock, and I ordered it through 
a distributor of Deltec.  So would I call the distributor, or MM?  Any 
suggestions welcome.>



 I use a Paradigm and get my supplies directly through MiniMed. I use the Serter
 can't imagine inserting without it - so easy. Kind of like using a lancing
device for your
 finger. They cost $14 plus shipping. I received mine with my pump and
Quicksets, but
 it was on a separate invoice. I'm not sure if it would make any difference
going through
 your distributor or MiniMed directly. Whenever I've called Minimed, my supplies
very quickly - 2 days, including my pump.

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