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[IP] skiing and diabetes

Hi.  My name is Betty Spencer.  I joined once before but too much email so
dropped out for awhile.  I'm a type 1 of 26 years on the Paradigm since May
2002.  I'm going on a skiing vacation in March to Whistler Mountain in B.C.,
Canada.  I need some tips regarding skiing and managing the diabetes.  For
anyone who does winter sports, can you recommend a glucose monitor?  My
Ultra One Touch conks out when too cold (takes awhile to warm it up to get
it to work) and I'd like one that is easier to use as I can just see me
dropping everything to test, if I'm outside.  How much do you find you need
to reduce your basal when facing four hours of skiing?  I have a basal of .2
and plan on reducing it to .1.  I know "your mileage may vary" but I'm
interested in helpful suggestions.  Did you need to decrease your basal
during the night?  Also, what food/sugar do you like to pack in your ski
parka's pockets?  I'm trying to sort this out with excursions to local ski
resorts but your ideas and experience would be appreciated.  Thanks!  Betty
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