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Re: [IP] Re: Temporary Lantus - DKA / Nit picking (Knit picking?)

In order to show that I can take as well as give, I will tell on myself.

I have a friend in England that I write to about once or twice a week.

In one email I closed by saying,  "I'm really pretty tired, it could be time
to take a nappy poo."

I got a much faster response from my friend explaining that nappies were
English slang for diapers and that poo should be self explanatory.

Just what, she asked, are you doing with dirty diapers?!!!

> Always stop to think whether your fun may not be the cause of another's
> unhappiness.
> Precious things are without value to those who cannot price them.
> > <Common sense is often worth more than a bunch of  tricks.>
> >
> > --------------------------------------------------------
> >
> > Okay, we're just trying to add a little humor here...
> >
> > Shawna
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