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Re: [IP] Paradigm Clip

Response from Mike Kurtis    email @ redacted

I use a flip-around leather case for my paradigm just as I did for the 508
prior. The Minimed rep who sat in on my training session when I first went
on the pump in May 2001 was using one herself. It's worth the few bucks it
cost because: 
1. you do not remove it off the belt or wherever to use it. You just
release the velcro and it stays on the belt but is now face up in the
direction you can see it right side up in your eye site. You do what you
need to do and flip it back to the original position pushing the velcro
back into place. 
2. No more tugging to remove it from the belt. 
3. No more clipping it back ontl the belt. 
4. No more thving to tuck in the exposed tubing. When in public or sitting
at the table, it is that much less noticable to use and your shirt does'nt
pull out of your pants or skirt or whatever.

It is available as an accessory. You can find it on their web site or just
call up. I have one black and one camel colored to go with different dress

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 From what I've heard they used to send out a small clip that attached to
back of the pump but it was only to be used on clothing and it wasn't meant
be attached to belts or anything else and too many people where and they
falling off or something like that. They no longer send those out now you
get the leather case ant the holster.

Summer (dx'd 1986 at age 4)
Pumping Nov.12/02 - Blue Paradigm

> I don't understand.  I received a belt clip with my new paradigm last
> October.  Same color as the unit.  It works great - especially useful
> while in the shower for clipping the unit to the inside towel bar.
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