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Re: [IP] Anyone have Humalog stop working for them? (tad long <g>)

I'm up checking glucose at 1:30 am our time.  Thought i would check in with
the ipers <g>  Thanks for the support and questions.

Erica has been using Quicksets 6mm for about 2 yrs now I guess - Never any
real problem

The humalog being used in the pump now, plus for injections is from a totally
different batch then than  which was used yesterday.

And Len, yes all the tubing has been changed, along with numerous site

George, looking forward to experiencing the same satisfaction as you have with
the Novorapid :)

Glucose on its way up again, time for another bolus methinks.........the damn
Evil Pump Fairy has parked her winged little @ss on Erica's shoulder.

Off to try to get some sleep :)
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