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Re: [IP] Anyone have Humalog stop working for them? (tad long <g>)

All I have left to ask is two questions:
1) What kind of infusion set is she using?
2) Was the Humalog you were using all from the same bottle or same shipment?

I ask because my dad has been having a lot of problems with Quicksets and
his MM508.  The first problems with leakage, and the second problems with
the connection between the set and the tubing.  The other question comes
from the possibility that something happened to the humalog when it was
shipped and it wasn't any good.  That would explain highs if you were using
the same bottle.

Hopefully the Novorapid will make the difference.  Since you bought it
separately it would at least signify a possible problem with the insulin.

Hang in there,
(who also loves her blue box)  :-)
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