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Yes, we do have our mutual admiration society going here.

Surgery went o.k.  At first they were going to just do a local anesthetic.
Then I started whining about fasting 12hours for nothing.  After that, I
went into insant chatter.  The next thing I knew, I had an IV in my arm and
enough sedation to shut me up!

Did not get my pain pills till the next day.  They are Darvocet and seem to
help me.

Even though I am ambulatory, I'm finding my blood sugars are a little higher
these days.  I'll be faxing my results to my pump trainer for a basal change

Best wishes for your surgery.  I know  the loss of the tennis court is going
to be hard for you.  Maybe it's time to drag out that old video game "PONG".

Suggestions for painless recuperation?  Darvocet or Vicodin seem to work for
me.  Just be ready for a lot of sleeping.

Again, best wishes!

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> Chris said:
> >I can forgive you Gail.  But then again, I am one of
> >your fans and my forgiveness is expected!
> Gail replies & expands...
> Oooh - we must be members of the mutual admiration
> society!
> How is your recuperation?  I am headed for foot
> surgery early Friday morning.  Will not be ambulatory
> for a few days (actually am off the tennis court for 2
> months - I'm bumming.  Guess I have to take up
> swimming - gurgle).  I'm sure my BGs will be way too
> high - stress & immobile.
> I've confirmed with surgeon that pump is mandatory &
> saline - no D5.  Methinks this should go smoothly.
> Any suggestions by anyone for pain-less recuperation?
> -gail in denver
> Dx'd T1 02/14/72 @ age 11, pumping since 1985-ish.
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