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[IP] Anyone have Humalog stop working for them? (tad long <g>)

Hi there,

This is going to be a loooong night for Butterfly and family.  I need to vent,
and look for some words of wisdom from our pumping family.

I was wondering what type of experiences people have had with Novolog
(Novorapid) once they have made the switch from Humalog, and why they made the
switch.  From what I have read and heard, many people experience a drop in
insulin requirments and we are prepared to factor that into things tomorrow;
but  what I am really wondering is:  HAS ANYONE HAD HUMALOG FAIL THEM BUT HAD
SUCCESS WITH THE NOVOLOG?  I am not shouting, I am desperate :)

Tonight we bought some NovoRapid (which is what they call Novolog in Canada)
because Erica's sugars have not gone below 13mmol in almost 2 days, with
approx 90% of them staying  between 16mmol and 25mmol.  Erica has been feeling
out of sorts the past few days (tired & stomachache) and started menustrating
today BUT she has been menustrating for a few years now and NEVER with such
high sugars or ketones.  In 10+ years of handling diabetes, this is the first
time I can say we are dealing with mild to moderate ketones with escalating
sugars, with no 'apparent' reason.  This morning she awoke with moderate
ketones, this despite bolusing her frequently & aggressively  throughout the
night.  Plus we have steadily increased her basal rate from 1.2 - 2.2 U/hr
with no significant drop in her glucose values.  We are still having to give
her extra boluses every 2 hours to keep them below 20mmol!  Erica is 14, and
we are accustomed to riding a glucose rollercoaster with hormones, but never
anything like this.

It feels like the Humalog is just not working for her.  Has anyone experienced
such a thing?  Either that or there is something really mean simmering in her
body that we aren't aware of.

Tomorrow morning I intend to switch her to NovoRapid to see if that will help.
When Erica first started pumping 4 years ago, we had to mix Humalog with
Regular in order to make her sites last longer than 24 hours.  She stopped
mixing insulins about 1.5 yrs ago and we haven't had any problem with site
longevity since.  She usually gets 3 days out of a site.

If case you were wondering :)
The pump has been checked and double checked and is working well
The tubing is not leaking
Insulin has been refreshed with a bottle from a totally different batch from
the pharmacy
Sites have been changed numerous times over the past few days - that is not
the problem
The connection at the infusion site is tight
Insulin given by syringe is not making a dent in her glucose values either
And.........her basal rate has been increased by 85% yet the glucose values
are still way up there requiring many extra boluses to try to keep them from
soaring!  We have never had to do anything so drastic in 4 years of pumping.
Actually, we have never had to do anything so drastic in 10+ years of dealing
with this blankety blank disease.
Other than this morning when her ketones were moderate, we have managed to
keep they between nil and trace.  Of course the poor kid is testing her sugar
hourly, drinking water,  and going through insulin by the freaking gallon.

She has never had DKA since time of diagnosis 10+ years ago
We can count on one hand the times she has shown moderate ketones.  Once while
her sugars were within range but she was vomiting and dehydrated and she was
put on IV.
She seldom experiences high sugars like this as a result of a virus or a cold
and we have often seen a drop in insulin needs preceding her period
Whenever she has a stomach virus we usually have to watch for low sugars
There is no fever although she has pain in her stomach but she suffers with
menstrual cramps so that isn't any different from other months and the pain
may be stronger as a result of the high sugars
She has an appetitie, there is no vomiting - although she is very tired..and
so am I <g>
She does not have any sign of infection, sore throat, ears.........nothing

I am really REALLY perplexed......not panicking yet.......but........   Be
right back >>>

Would you believe it?  I just now did her blood sugar and it has dropped to
11.9mmol!!!!  The first time in 2 days!!  Looks like the 85% higher basal with
the multi boluses have finally had some effect.  Now we will be up all night
checking her for increasing glucose, ketones, AND the possibility that she
might bottom out  because whatever has cursed this kid for two days might just
decide to up and go away.  Now that would be very nice, but I am still hooking
her up to Novolog in the morning and I will be by her side ALL day.

One thing I do know for sure.  If she wasn't pumping she would be in hospital
right now for insulin resistance.  Hate the disease, love the blue box....

'nite all

Barb Chafe - Chair
Insulin Pumpers Canada - Nova Scotia Division
Mom to Erica, a Canadian Butterfly
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via http://www.canadianbutterfly.ca
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