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[IP] Re: Big bad bubble

email @ redacted wrote
> <Would it not be better for
> <pumpers when they get sick (fever-etc.) to take a dose of Lantus plus stay
> on
> <the pump.  This would help with the risk of DKA and one could monitor
> <sugars to ensure the pump is set correctly.  Has anyone ever heard of
> <this or know anything about this???
> Linda

Hi Linda

My CDE just wrote that she is sending me a script for Lantus and I am free to
try it if I need a pump vacation.   She wrote the following:

there are 2 ways to cover yourself when you are sick
you could just take the rapid inulin every 4 hrs around the clock
you would need to make up your basal amount if you were off the pump....
if you want a script for lantus for emergencies that is fine with me
you would take it once a day  and take your total basal dose
it is really up to you as to what you feel comfortable with ..

Tonight things are working out with a 70% basal increase.  I am testing every
couple of hours and being paranoid about checking that the pump is pumping.
There's nothing inherently wrong with the pump, only that I have had a bit too
much too deal with lately. So it's pumper malfunction rather than pump
malfunction and I'm glad you suggested the Lantus as an alternative.  Thanks

Denise Guerin
Type 1 48 years
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