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Re: [IP] Lack of pump - glucose sensor link

>The projection for this technology is "very soon". Both D and MM have 
>demonstrated feasibility with both human and animal trials. I don't know 
>the status of the Animas project, but the sensor technology looks good to 
>me so I would have to assume that they are neck and neck in the race.. The 
>problems involved are figuring out how to place the sensor --- it can NOT 
>be subcutaneous, but must be inside the body somewhere perhaps even in the 
>vena cava. The life of the sensor -- must be years, not months or days. 
>Connecting the implanted sensor to the pump -- either an internal pump or 
>telemetry to an external pump, etc.... None of these tasks are ultimately 
>undoable, but they are daunting when they all must be done in and to a 
>living organism (one of us) and last for several years at a time with a 
>soft failure when they stop working.
>Michael email @ redacted

I would think the most daunting task is to come up with a consistent 
insulin infusion system, not a sensing system.  The insulin delivery would 
have to be consistent from day, month, year and probably for each person 
not much room for a YMMV.

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