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[IP] Re: Temporary Lantus - DKA / Nit picking (Knit picking?)

<I was told (I DID SAY "as I was told", NOT "I KNOW"), the pump can do
EVERYTHING that Lantus does, and do it better
(because the control is variable over the entire day, where as, once you
shoot the Lantus,
its there (NOT their, or they're) for 24 hours....

I, with what limited knowledge i have, would think that using Lantus,
instead of upping ones basil,
would be a waste (not waist).>

 Okay, I can't resist! You're (as opposed to "your") gettin' it! BUT, "Basal" is
 (as opposed to you're) baseline insulin you get from your pump, and "Basil" is
 herb used most commonly in Italian cooking. Sorry, but I'm just really feeling
a smart @ss.

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