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Re: [IP] Lack of pump - glucose sensor link

> Tom,
> Your right, the next big break through in diabetes treatment might
> well be a loop-back mechanism between a pump and a glucose sensor.
> But, you are wrong when you say NO COMPANY is trying to link them.
> Every major insulin pump company and several of the glucose meter
> companies have been working on this technology for years.
> If the technology were available, we would already have it. It is
> much harder to do than you might expect.  Not to mention FDA's
> reaction to something that critical.
> We'll most likely see it someday but don't hold your breath waiting
> for it.

The projection for this technology is "very soon". Both D and MM 
have demonstrated feasibility with both human and animal trials. I 
don't know the status of the Animas project, but the sensor 
technology looks good to me so I would have to assume that they are 
neck and neck in the race.. The problems involved are figuring out 
how to place the sensor --- it can NOT be subcutaneous, but must be 
inside the body somewhere perhaps even in the vena cava. The life of 
the sensor -- must be years, not months or days. Connecting the 
implanted sensor to the pump -- either an internal pump or telemetry 
to an external pump, etc....  None of these tasks are ultimately 
undoable, but they are daunting when they all must be done in and to 
a living organism (one of us) and last for several years at a time 
with a soft failure when they stop working.

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