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Re: [IP] Lack of pump - glucose sensor link

I'd settle for an implantable glucose sensor, so I won't have to mess
with expensive blood test strips any more.   Looking at my watch or some
other inconspicuous display to tell what my blood sugar is would be
much nicer than what we put up with today.

Whether insurance companies are going to be wiling to pay for them or not,
I'll make room in my budget to afford one when they become available.

Closed loop would be nice, but I'll settle for continuous glucose monitoring.

--- Hal or Jo <email @ redacted> wrote:
> Every major insulin pump
> company and several of the glucose meter companies have been working on this
> technology for years.
> If the technology were available, we would already have it. It is much harder
> to do than you might expect.  Not to mention FDA's reaction to something that
> critical.
> We'll most likely see it someday but don't hold your breath waiting for it.

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