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Re: [IP] Re: temporary Lantus - DKA

> I am planning to use Lantus while on a water-filled vacation in
> Cancun. It seems easier than snorkeling with the pump. My doctor
> said to use it unit for unit, the same as my basal total.

When you are in the water it is likely that you may not need any 
insulin at all due to heat loss through skin contact with the water.

You may actually need some carbs to keep you from going low, even in 
warmish Cancun water. Take a supply of glucose gel with you on the 
trip and always have one with you (duct tape to something on you) and 
make sure your "buddy" has one as well. If you are diving off a boat, 
make sure the dive master knows and understands that you have 
diabetes and may need assistance if things get out of hand.

My daughter can go all day in and out of the water with her pump off 
and maintain good bg's, checking only occasionally and adjusting 
with a small bolus or a snack.

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