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[IP] Cozaar

I started 50mg Cozaar daily on 1-02-03.  Type 1 onset at age 39.  Now age 45.
Have always exercised daily - before and after onset of diabetes.  During the
last year my BP has crept up to 140/90 everytime I am in the endo's office.
When I have it checked at the fitness center after exercising it is always
100/70.  I told the endo it is because they all make me nervous!  He didn't
seem to care that my BP is okay after exercising.  Anyway - started me on
Altace daily on 12/1/02 - it gave me post-nasal drip/cough so I quit taking it
after a couple weeks and the cough left.  Now started Cozaar on 1/2/03.  Have
taken it for past 3 1/2 weeks - haven't gained any weight But I have been
trying very hard to lose a couple pounds and I haven't lost them either!  Had
my BP checked by the nurse this week and it was 136/84.  I  didn't think I
needed BP pills for 140/90 however my endo keeps citing all these studies
about the medicine will also help my kidneys, etc.  I did read some studies on
the internet this week that do say that it is now thought best if the BP
readings for diabetics do not go over 130 as opposed to the rest of the
population having a threshold of over 140.
I would also be interested if any others on Cozaar have had any side effects.
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