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RE: [IP] Don't they need us?

Howard [mailto:email @ redacted] wrote:

> Hydrogen fuel cells are the power of the "future" which 
> already exists. Our 
> president briefly mentioned it in the state of the union 
> speech last night. 
> The only emission from this power source is water. Look at 
> how many people 
> would be out of work if this technology were to be put to 
> use! There are 
> companies like H power HPOW on the nasdaq and PLUG on nasdaq, 
> ballard power, 
> not sure where they are listed. All of these companies are 
> being shot down by 
> the "big" boys because of the inexpensive and all these 
> lobbyists would have 
> to find another dilemma to concern themselves with.

You're overlooking a very important point, and that is that it takes energy
to set up the fuel cells to work, and so far they aren't efficient enough to
do the job.  Somewhere along the line, energy must be produced - typically
from burning petroleum, etc., to make them all work.  You don't get
something for nothing.  

Jim Handsfield
email @ redacted
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