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[IP] Freestyle Meter tips

 I was reading yesterday's "digest" of emails and saw some people expressing
their frustration with the Freestyle Strips. We use these strips/meters in our
clinic and I LOVE them. I too had a problem when I first started using them
until someone told me how these strips work. The strips use capillary action to
"suck" up the blood sample, if you look at strip (on the edge of a blue semi
circle) you will see very tiny holes. These are the holes that suck the blood.
Only one of these holes needs to be filled. The method I found that worked the
best was: once again look at strip, find a blue semi-circle. At a 45 degree
angle gently place only half of the semi-circle in the blood sample, then let
the strip do the work. Hmmm think of it like a paper towel absorbing a spill.
The 45 degree angle is the real trick to get these strips to work because then
the holes do not get block. Try this and see if it helps. I hope it does.

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