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[IP] Big bad bubble

Re IP Big bad bubble

email @ redacted writes:

<Would it not be better for
<pumpers when they get sick (fever-etc.) to take a dose of Lantus plus stay
<the pump.  This would help with the risk of DKA and one could monitor their
<sugars to ensure the pump is set correctly.  Has anyone ever heard of doing
<this or know anything about this???

I like your suggestion  so I just wrote to my CDE to ask her if I could do
that.  I have never been on Lantus so that would be something to try before
getting sick!  I find episodes of DKA so disturbing, I really don't want to
go through it again any time soon!

I'll let you know what my CDE  said later as she answers her e-mail in the

Denise Guerin
Type 1 48 years
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