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Re: [IP] birth control...yasmin and diabetes?

I've been on Yasmin for a year and haven't had any problems with it. Both my 
Ob-Gyn and endo said it was allright to use it. I've not gained any weight 
from taking the pill and it's wonderful with acne and unwanted hair growth.


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Subject: [IP] birth control...yasmin and diabetes?
Date: Thu, 30 Jan 2003 04:33:56 -0600

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There is a relatively new birth control pill, called yasmin, available.  It 
one of the low dose ones and what makes it different is it uses a new kind 
progesterone that helps PMS.  It is said not to take it if you have liver,
kidney, or adrenal problems because it is a diuretic, but still maintains
potassium levels.
Is anyone on this?  I'd like to know because my ob-gyn told me it was ok to
take it.
I'd like to know of any side effects.....it says it doesn't cause weight 
and may even promote weoght loss.  I'm going to call my endo to make sure I
can take this.
Thank you,
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