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[IP] Thank You everyone

I just recently joined this list, less than a month now, and I want to say 
Thank You to everyone who has posted something.  I've been on the pump for 
about 9 months now, am have the best control ever, and experienced my first 
diabetic complication, retinopothy.  Have had a few laser treatments and a 
vitrectomy 2 weeks ago.  Emotionally, this really set me back.  No more 
denail about being a diabetic, no more feeling like I was winning.  This 
really scared me, and made me look back at the years of no control, little 
control, and ok control.  I was so happy when I got this pump, and felt like 
I had a "cure", now I feel like I got my "cure" too late.  So the depression 
was setting in, and someone posted about depression and I could relate to 
being embarressed about it, and then there was the post about the new lancet 
and doing finger sticks wrong all this time (that really did make me laugh 
out loud), and all the profiles coming in, there are so many of us, I am not 
alone, and people having diabetes since they were little kids, and teens, and 
people who are older and have had this disease for such a long time, anyway, 
I'm rambling on now, but my point is that reading this digest has really 
helped me end my pity party.  I can't un-do the past, and I am not about to 
give up on my future.  Thank you all for the strength you've given me this 
past couple of weeks.  
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