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[IP] Lantus & Pump & ketones

> Would it not be better for 
> pumpers when they get sick (fever-etc.) to take a dose of Lantus plus stay 
> on 
> the pump.

My endo actually has a lot of his pump patients taking a shot of lantus 
everyday that they have figured out to be a percentage of their basal. This 
allows for longer disconnection. You don't have to take the lantus everyday, 
from what I understand you can take a temp basal and a shot on a day that you 
know you will be disconnected. If this sounds interesting to you I suggest 
talking to your doctor. I do not know what the percentages are because I have 
not done , yet.

When you are sick its a good idea to raise your basal rates. You will begin 
spilling ketones from not eating. Its not just because of high bgs. There are 
many days that I either am not hungry or get too busy to remember to eat and 
my bgs are normal (good basal rates) and lo and behold i am spilling ketones. 
IMO ketones are apart of the diabetes fight. Next time you see your endo 
discuss this with him/her. If you are so worried about it make sure that you 
are clear about what your endo wants you to do. Follow the boy scout moto: 
Always be prepared! 
Beter safe than sorry!

dxd age 7 1988 pumping 1992
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