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[IP] RE: Deltec Issues

I've had some of the same problems trying to get my pump ordered.  I 
actually started submitting paperwork last November and finally got my pump 
yesterday!  Of course they didn't start shipping until December 9th or so, 
but still!  They were too slow getting it done last year, then my insurance 
changed and I had to start all over again.  Atleast, I'll get my deductible 
out of the way early this year!  I felt similar to most of you, that if I 
didn't call and check on the status of my order every couple of days I would 
never know.  I usually didn't find out any information unless I called them 
and stayed on top of them.  Then I got passed to a distributor, and from 
them to another distributor.  It was all very frustrating, but I'm hoping it 
is just a "new to the market" problem, and will be worked out soon.  I also 
hope that the after sales support is much better.  I do have to say my local 
sales rep has been terrific though.  Now I have to call my doctor and get 
set up to a start!  This is very exhausting.


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