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[IP] Re: "Nooooooo Aio Bobbo!"

Ref line nods to the wee Oriental nurse who taught me to draw it up 18 
years ago, Bless her heart, dealing with a blubbering, sniveling, tall 
28 year old in the ward who was a-scared of the itty-bitty needle....

Nonono...I was told It was so the big ol' air bubble wouldn't screw up 
your dosage.. I drew up some a few years ago and the bubble which was 
in there took up almost 2 U of space....!
Injecting an air bubble into fatty tissue isn't going to cause a heart 

On Wednesday, January 29, 2003, at 01:25  PM, insulin-pumpers-digest 

> when i first started injection (1956), we were told to remove all the 
> air
> from the syringe.
> I dont think this had to do with getting the proper amount..
> I THINK (46 years ago..) i was told, that air in the syringe
> could cause an air bubble in my blood stream,
> (i know, i know...we dont inject into the blood stream),
> which could cause the heart to stop....
4 out of 5 hippies say your keys are in the pocket of the jacket you 
wore last...
4 out of 5 frazzled housewives say, "look in your other hand."


Jenny Sutherland
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