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[IP] Don't they need us?

In order to stay in business? Not necessarily. Disetronic and 
Medtronics as well as Bayer and some other companies don't just rely on 
diabetics for their business. Disetronic and deltec have been making 
infusion pumps for years, for pain meds and AIDS medication. Medtronics 
has been in business for years making catheters for cardiac care and 
other functions.

Look at what the companies actually do outside of diabetes and you'll 
see they will survive without us.

There are some like 50/50 sugarfree products who give half their 
profits to diabetes and tell us to buy their product so they can go out 
of business eventually <G> I used to think the same way, but then I 
looked a bit more and the doctors and pharmacies and manufacturers will 
ALWAYS have an income with or without us.

On Wednesday, January 29, 2003, at 01:25  PM, insulin-pumpers-digest 

> i agree with this!  insurance companies/doctors/pharmacies/etc all 
> make so
> much money off of us!  we need their supplies, medical advice etc to 
> live -
> unless there is some foolproof cure/treatment, im thrilled with my 
> pump!
> wouldnt change it for anything in the world!
> debbie
I have my own little world. But it's OK...they know me here.


Jenny Sutherland
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