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Re: [IP] Diabetes in Control -- wound healing

> OK, are there any others of you who have deliberately kept on the edge of
> hypoglycemia in order to heal better?  I must have started doing it in
> adolescence, late 1950s or so.  I don't remember if I tried doing it for
> actual illnesses (maybe that was just an impossibility in those days,
> home bg monitoring), but certainly did for skin wounds and infections

I guess it is really true that  YMMV.  This idea most definitely did NOT
work for me.

I have never had trouble with wounds being slow to heal.  Never.  Until my
daughter was born and I had an infection in the site of the incision, that
is.  My incision required dressing changes twice a day, and then, for the
last half, once a day.  We were doing those changes until she was four and a
half months old, and they had told me when the infection was discovered,
when she was eight days old, that it would take three or four WEEKS.  When
it dragged on and on and on, the only explanation they could come up with
was that diabetics are slow to heal, even though I never had been before.

Anyway, the reason why I say keeping sugars near hypoglycemia doesn't work
is how my blood sugars were running.  I breastfed my daughter, and getting
my sugars regulated took until she was three months old to figure out.  She
made my insulin needs drop, big time, and I was having lows all the time,
including a couple of pretty bad ones.  We finally got things settled down a
bit when she was three months old.

One would think that if sugars on the verge of hypoglycemia would make
wounds heal faster, I should have been the poster child.  Instead I took
forever to heal.  If it works for you, great, but, unfortunately, it doesn't
work for all of us.

And I still can't figure out why I had always healed faster than other
people, until then, seventeen years after diagnosis?  And in fact, just last
week, I cut myself when cutting vegetables, and was almost good as new in
two days.  Just after my daughter was born.  I dunno.

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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