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Re: [IP] Diabetes & Virus Theory

I truly believe my overactive immune system is
responsble for my diabetes (T1 for ALMOST 31 years). 
Why do I think this and why am I not willing to take
part in studies that use anti-rejection drugs?
1) I have had a total of 5 colds in the last 20 years.
 That is not a typo.  Five (5).
2) I have NEVER had a fever blister.
3) I have allergies to everything and anything.  They
have only gotten worse as I've gotten older.
There is no proof here of anything other than I have
an overactive immune system.  Do I think I would need
to take immunosuppressive drugs?  YOU BETCHA!
<snip> caveat, caveat, caveat, don't jump on me just yet, etc.>>>>>>>

 gail-- i totally agree, my experience has been about the same as yours. sinus
allergies to
 practically everything-- when i was eight or nine, i was tested for allergies
to dust mites in
 particular and was told that i had an antibody (?) count of five thousand (to
cause allergies you
 have to have a count of min. 500). if a dust mite in montana moves a muscle, my
nasal passages
 know it in seconds and immediately overreact. i've never been tested for
alergies to anything
 else, but my allergies are also seasonal so who knows what else they'll flip
out over.

  i never get sick, either-- can count the number of colds i've had since middle
school on one
 hand, can't even remember the last time i got the flu. no cold sores, fever
blisters, nothin'; but
 the allergies respond to the slightest provocation as if dust mites are new
york cops and my
 sinuses are al sharpton. i realize that T1 is caused by a specific glitch in
the immune reaction,
 but i wonder whether a *predisposition* to this glitch combined with a touchy,
overvigilant immune
system could be one trigger for type 1. not THE trigger, but ONE trigger. 

 so if your immune system is touchy already and it puts on beer goggles, maybe
it kills whatever it
 misidentifies-- shoots first and asks questions later. i wonder whether someone
with a generally
 less active system, but with the same predisposition for misidentification,
would be as likely to
 get type 1. or vice versa: if your immune system is really overactive but you
don't necessarily
 have any mistaken-ID predispositions, does your immune system just wander
around looking for
 things to kill until something in the ID pathway finally *does* go wrong, then
it eats your islet
 cells or myelin sheaths or what have you and you end up with type 1 or MS,
etc.? if so, for people
 in this situation would immunosuppressive therapy hold off the attack until
latent stem cells in
 your oen body kicked in and differentiated into islets? i have heard of the
latter being
 accomplished in some manner in research on rats in massachusetts-- now THAT is
an intriguing

becky =) (dx'd 1/24/92 at age 10, pumping since 11/21/01)

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