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[IP] Saw this today

  I saw this today, I think this is great that they are making a Universal
Adapter for their pump so pumper can use any set. Very cool, wish other
companies would do it too.

DANA Diabecare USA  Announces New Products
 Metairie LA, January 29, 2003: DANA Diabecare USA, which carries the DANA
Diabecare II insulin infusion pump is pleased to announce several enhancements
to its product line. Effective immediately, DANA Diabecare USA is offering its
customers the following:

 The lightest, smallest, easiest to use insulin pump
  Universal Adapter for use with the DANA Diabecare II, allowing
patients a choice in their infusion sets. The adapter will work with any
standard leur lock infusion set.
  New infusion sets  improved DANA Diabecare infusion sets make pumping
more comfortable than ever
  Least expensive pump on the market  lower cost to insurance companies
means little or no co-pays for you, the end-user
  Medicare covers the cost of the DANA Diabecare II insulin pump, its
supplies, and insulin when used in the pump

 We asked our customers what was important to them. Choice and cost were the
most common factor when choosing an insulin pump. We listened and here it is
Not only the smallest, lightest, and easiest pump on the market today, the DANA
Diabecare II is also the most affordable. Be sure to ask about our No Out of
Pocket Plans! We offer a variety of plans that cater to the ever changing needs
of both our patients and distributors alike,  says Ron Castellon, Executive VP
of Sales.

For more information on the DANA Diabecare II insulin pump:
1-866-342-2322; email @ redacted

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