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[IP] Re: Big bad bubble

I have been type 1 for 18 years and just got the mm paradigm in Nov. 02.  I 
like having the pump; except I just had a similar experience-  I had a really 
bad 30 hour
stomach flu with fever.  Was pretty much incapacitated, did not want to eat 
or drink.
My bg's went crazy and I was actually passing LG amts. of ketones with 
nausea.  This has actually never happened to me before and it  was very 
frightening as I have read how serious DKA can be.   I was able to handle it 
myself by giving 2xplus my normal correction dose and forcing fluids.  What I 
am thinking is--- Would it not be better for 
pumpers when they get sick (fever-etc.) to take a dose of Lantus plus stay on 
the pump.  This would help with the risk of DKA and one could monitor their 
sugars to ensure the pump is set correctly.  Has anyone ever heard of doing 
this or know anything about this???
Linda Holt
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