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[IP] Re: Diabetes in Control

Shawna Said:  <snipped:

>I'm not sure that just because the immune system attacked
>itself once, it would continue to do so.

In my case, this is exactly what happened.  My immune system is still 
chewing away at stuff, resulting in thyroid failure, and adrenal gland 
failure, as well as Type 1.

Weird Jenn
 ------------------------------------------Well, that's why I said "I'm not
 In my particular case, I too have Thyroid failure and Type 1, both diagnosed in
March of
 last year. But I also tested negative to all antibodies, including Thyroid. So
I don't quite
 understand how I can have two auto-immune diseases and test negative to
antibodies for
 both. That just seems too coincidental. Also, since I was diagnosed with
 I've had to continually increase my medication and it's still on the high side
of normal. So
I keep thinking that my Thyroid is continuing to crap out.

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